A Marvelous Contradiction

In life, I think it’s safe to say that a great many of us spend the majority if not all of our silent, sequestered moments searching for or pondering over some sort of meaning. We endeavor, sometimes subconsciously, to make sense of this life. We gaze ever long at the grand puzzle, trying again and again, each in our own way, to find the pattern, the way in which all the pieces fit together. Some succeed. Some do not. And some—a great deal, I’m sure—just give up.

After many years of my own pondering, questioning, and mulling over countless facts, implications, possibilities, and perceived realities, I was met with something I did not expect, something beautifully simple. What came to me may not exactly be considered groundbreaking, or revolutionary, though it does seem to fit in the most wonderfully unfitting of ways. It’s what doesn’t make sense, what doesn’t exactly fall into place, what isn’t exactly calculable, or plausible, or even possible—it’s the rhymes and reasons that sound absurd which seem to hold the greatest significance, possess the greatest meaning, and are truly the most precious pieces of life we may ever experience.

And this is what came to satisfy my deepest, most passionate and pleading entreatments: a marvelous contradiction, a beloved absurdity, a perfect incoherency.


C. K. Conners

©2015 C. K. Conners