C. K. Conners is the new face of literature, and what a big face it is! I mean, did you see the size of that mug on the cover page?

Welcome, readers!

My name is C. K. Conners, and I am an author! I have a passion for writing, a giant face, which you've undoubtedly already seen, and a dream to make my living telling stories and writing novels.

On this website, you'll find everything you need to stay up to date on my work and progress. You'll find links to my stories and books, including synopses, as well as links to where you can purchase them; a blog, filled to the brim with whatever it is I happen to squeeze out of my tireless brain on a particular day; updates on upcoming events or works, as well as release dates for those works; and finally, links to my social media, and my contact info.

So come along! Join me on this journey! Together we'll share some stories, a few laughs, and have ourselves a good, old-fashioned ball!

-C. K.


© 2018 by C. K. Conners

© 2018 by C. K. Conners


What have I done?
Oh, what have I done!




What's on the way? What more is to come?
Pray tell, what lies in the offing?