Titles Soon to Come

A compilation of short stories is on the way!

a brand new, self-published book featuring seven new stories
will hit the shelves October 2, 2018!

As for novels, two are complete, another is in the works, and there are another five in draft.

My ability to publish depends on funds, which, at present, are tight. I am doing my best to save for production costs, and will keep you posted with details regarding book ETAs as they arise.

Thank you!

Coming Attractions


C. K. Conners has completed several novels, all of which are awaiting their day in thew sun. Details on their release will be posted here.

Children's Story

C. K. Conners has written and illustrated a children's story, which he hopes to have published by Christmas 2019.

Extra Space

This particular section is of no real consequence. Honestly, I just wanted to maintain uniformity, you know?

Extra, Extra Space

Again, I must have uniformity. If I included only the "Novels" and "Children's Stories" blurbs of info, I would always look upon this page and feel, I don't know, incomplete, I guess. You understand, don't you?