"C. K. Conners has produced a collection of short stories the world has never seen before. Conners incorporates an additional character to story-telling that readers often take for granted—the narrator. This unusual twist propels the reader into a different psyche of story-telling as Conners weaves the behind-the-scenes commentary of his short stories with the stories themselves, allowing the reader to either embrace the entirety of the story-telling experience or to appraise the raw short stories Conners has created as standalone pieces. Although the short stories vary in topic, the introductions between the stories remain constant as the quirky narrator attempts to articulate the words of a morose author to fulfill his contractual duties of composing splendid narratives. The Ramblings of a Small-Town What’s-His-Name is a unique take on story-telling and a one-of-a-kind description of the relationship between the author who molds a tale and the narrator who brings the story to life."

 – Bailey Pons, Author of Psybrid

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