A hopeless romantic, a wearying wit, a formidably fluent fantasist, but above all, a foolish optimist.


C. K. Conners was born in that one city near that one town in that one state, in which he's lived his entire life. When he's not writing about himself in the third person, he can be found flying in his private jet to exotic places, wine tasting with international business moguls, or philosophizing in robes and sandals on the steps of academia with fellow, curious-minded pupils. He is known by those around him as a hopeless romantic, a wearying wit, a formidably fluent fantasist, but above all, a foolish optimist.

Did you buy any of that? While not the most accurate representation of my self or my status in life, the above is partly true. No, I don't have a private jet. No, I don't know any business moguls. And no, I haven't any Grecian garb hanging around the house, either. But a hopeless romantic? Sure. A wearying wit? Some people think I'm funny. A formidably fluent fantasist? Indeed. And a foolish optimist? You're darn right, I am.

But what is foolish optimism? I coined the term not long ago. Whether or not I was the first to do so is unknown to me, but I'll gladly take credit (Foolish Optimist: A Registered Trademark of C. K. Conners. All rights reserved. Copyright 2016. Patent Pending. Registered with HOAA, the Hands Off Association of America. Yeah, it's mine). Anyway, to me, foolish optimism means always being hopeful for success, no matter what the size, shape, or distance of the road on which one travels. Even in the most ridiculous of circumstances, when the chips aren't quite stacked in a favorable manner, when everyone else says it'll never happen, or that the dream is folly, a foolish optimist chooses to press on, to work hard, to take the chance, to believe that one in a billion still means the dream is within reach.

I am a foolish optimist. I don't believe the world has preordained me to succeed. I don't believe that sitting around hoping and believing will do anything to make my dreams come true. But I do believe that in this enormously competitive industry, in this wide world with vast numbers of people fighting to be heard, in this life in which I've been blessed with the tools to fully realize my potential and seize what I desire most, if I commit to working hard, to never giving up, to constantly improving myself and laughing at the odds, I will, through my foolish optimism, find success.

And so I invite you all to join me, to become foolish optimists, yourselves; to take hold of this one life you've been given, and fight against every odd and obstacle thrown your way; to dream as they who are called fools do. Let us never abandon the dreams that fill our souls, the ones that remind us how life is more than existence, and call us to be the best we can possibly be, and more. Only then can we hope to leave indelible footprints upon this earth, and remain forever alive in the hearts of those we touch.


C. K. Conners

© 2018 by C. K. Conners